Woodland Drive
Burnsville, NC 28714
United States

Mar 1997


The Northwestern Regional Housing Authority has agreed to act as sponsor/developer for the Woodland Hills development in Burnsville/Yancey County, North Carolina. The affordable development is thirty-two (32) dwelling units of primarily one bedroom apartments for new construction serving elderly, handicapped and disabled households. Financing has been secured through a combination of federal tax credits, state rental production program funds, and local private lending. All dwelling units are in a single multi-story elevator building with common entry, emergency call system, community and laundry space. Architectural and land use planning has taken advantage of existing indigenous growth on the mountain rising behind the structure.

Woodland Hills is located adjacent to Woodland Apartments, the Regional Housing Authority's fifteen year old award-winning conventional development for families in Burnsville. Now that construction and initial occupancy have been accomplished, project management and maintenance for Woodland Hills will be handled by NRHA staff at Woodland Apartments. Staff members are also working closely with local human resource agencies to provide a wide array of supportive services to the residents of Woodland Hills. In addition, site advantages include proximity to the medical complex, the nursing center, the mental health center, shopping, food services, police, fire department and the County's on-going revitalization of the area.

Experience has shown that new methods of financing and new relationships of public and private entities are necessary to address housing needs in the region and to maximize the benefit of housing programs to the public. The Regional Housing Authority has met this challenge in developing Woodland Hills as a vital new resource for the Yancey County community.