Northwestern Regional Housing Authority

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623 Altapass Highway
Spruce Pine, NC 28777
August, 2009
  • Mitchell County
  • 8 dwelling units


Northwestern Housing Enterprises, Incorporated  has sponsored the new construction of a licensed residential facility to accommodate affordable housing for persons whose primary diagnosis is mental illness in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. All units are handicapped accessible designed to comply with all applicable building and accessibility codes, Fair Housing Amendments Act, The Americans with Disabilities Act and other appropriate design standards.

Professional supportive service assistance for residents is provided by local mental health professionals. Individuals are given the opportunity to dwell in their own space and work toward their own goals. Encouragement, suport and training are available to them around the clock every day.


The mountain views at this development are conducive to a healing environment.  The building is single story to impact the view shed as little as possible.

The building site is located in a residential neighborhood near many services and amenities including the Spruce Pine Hospital, schools with recreational facilities, police and fire departments, convenience store, grocery store, shopping, banks, Post Office and library.  On demand transportation services are available to residents through Mitchell County Transportation Authority.


Advantaged financing for this new development has been made possible through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund, U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta and Bank of Granite.  This is not a government project, however, qualified disabled individuals will find it affordable due to the availability of monthly assistance in accordance with income.  The Winterstone project will accept rental housing vouchers from Northwestern Regional Housing Authority on any of its dwellings.

Development Photos


869 Highway 105 Extension
Suites 10 & 11
PO Box 2510
Boone, North Carolina 28607


Phone: 828-264-6683
Fax: 828-264-0272

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