500 Forest Hills Drive
Burnsville, NC 28714
United States

Jan 2007
  • Yancey County
  • 40 units


Northwestern Housing Enterprises in partnership with The Affordable Housing Group of North Carolina has sponsored the new construction of 10 quadplex buildings to accommodate 40 affordable housing units in Burnsville, North Carolina for persons with disabilities and/or the elderly.  Five units are handicapped accessible designed to comply with all applicable building and accessibility codes, Fair Housing Amendments Act, The American with Disabilities Act and other appropriate design standards.

Each unit has a private entrance on a sheltered face of the building with a covered porch to allow for privacy and individuality while encouraging social interaction among neighbors.  The apartment interiors are designed with large open living spaces, ample storage and attention to functional design and accessibility.


The mountain views around this development are second to none.  All buildings are single story to impact the view shed as little as possible.

The building site is located in a residential neighborhood near many services and amenities including the County Medical Complex, Mayland Community College, schools with recreational facilities, police and fire departments, convenience store, grocery store, shopping, banks, Post Office and library.  On demand transportation services are available to residents through Yancey County Transportation Authority.


Financing for this remarkable new development has been made possible through private investment and local commercial lending.  This is not a government project, however, qualified households will find it affordable due to the availability of monthly assistance in accordance with income.  The Forest Hills project will accept rental housing vouchers on any of the 40 dwelling units.